Takahashi Mount EM-200 Temma 2 PC – Periodic Error Measure

I own this mount since almost 8 years ago and it has been reliable in slewing to the target and guiding, but I never had the chance to sit down and evaluate its real performance as far as the Periodic Error (PE for short) is concerned. Now that the mount is settled into the Eliah Observatory I decided to have a look at its PE.
The setup is:
– Takahashi EM200 Temma 2 PC german equatorial mount
– GSO RC10 Truss (focal length=2000mm)
– Starlight Xpress Lodestar as guiding camera
– PHD2 (latest stable version) for the data collection
– PECPrep for analysing the results
Note 1: the mount is not well polar aligned.
Note 2: Takahashi states for this mount a PE of -5/+5 arcsecs
Being the AR gear made of 180 teeth, the totale Period is 480 seconds, so I got data for around 35 minutes; doing so I got 4 full worm gear turns to be averaged together.
My perception is that with a well polar aligned mount I would get a better response, but I am satisfied with the results so far, having -5.47/+6.89 arcsec of PE.
I attach the screenshot of PECPrep with the results.Temma_PeriodicError